<!-- TITLE: Reverse Engineering games with Frick on Android --> <!-- SUBTITLE: 11/08/18 14:00 GMT+2 --> # Training The training will be hosted on our slack, with screensharing and shared notes + code. We will give a gente introduction to our debugger, frick, which we are going to use to reverse engineer some random, yet easy, games/apps. The session will have a duration of at least 3 hours, but could be longer depending on what we will face. All the informations and source code will be reviewed and open sourced later to give everyone the chanche to get into the topic! # Price The price for this training is totally free. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome to join as far as the requirements are met (we are not going to give an ARM assembly introduction). # Requirements - An Android device (rooted) - Frida server installed and ready on the device (you can follow installation steps on <a href="http://frida.re">frida website</a>) - A decompiler (we are going to use Binja) - A code editor (we are going to use IntelliJ idea) - Basic understanding of Python, JavaScript, C and ARM assembly (which are the most things we are going to see) - Fantasy and passion about learning new stuffs - Problem solving? # Goal ```python for i in range(0, 10000 * 10000 * 10000 * 10000): print 'sharing knowledge' ``` - Giving a gentle welcome to our debugger built on top of Frida which is, and will always be, a WIP. Taking the chanche to fix and improve it. - Where to start when we want to dig into something. Giving yourself a goal and reach it. # Sign in - The slack link is available in the home page of the website, a dedicated channel will be created and shared on Slack 15 minutes before the event. - We will accept only people that submitted the <a href="https://goo.gl/forms/iyaBhpmJfFwYm6Np1">signup form</a>